Northern Feather Canada designs, develops and manufactures premium bedding products that will take your home fashion store, or bed and bath retail establishment, to the next level. With unique brands, exceptional packaging design, and superior quality, Northern Feather Canada products offer favourable price points that will to contribute to your business’s enhanced bottom line. Retailers across Canada have experienced sales success and increased profits with the Northern Feather Canada line of premium bedding products.

Some of our long-term customers

Hudson's Bay
Mc Roskey
Save On Foods
PI Incentives
Down & Feather collections

Down & Feather collections

Siberian Snow Goose Down
Baltic Goose Down
Siberian Moscovy Down
Siberian Country Down
Ukrainian Goose Down
White Goose Down
White Down
80% Down 20% Feather
40% Down 60% Feather
20% Down 80% Feather

Pillows Only
Double Down
10% Down 90% Feather

Down Alternative collections

Down Alternative collections

Nature’s Way - Corn Fibre
NF Diamond - Diamond Fibre
NF Hiloft - Premium Hi-Loft Fibre
NF Zen - Premium Zen Fibre
Temprabalance - TempraBalance PCM Fibre



Northern Feather Canada's hospitality experience has helped us appreciate that a good night's sleep is extremely important to every guest. We can provide you with sleep solutions and accessories that not only meet your exact standards but exceed your expectations. Northern Feather Canada has full control over the quality of products and the environmental impact of manufacturing, overseeing every aspect of production – from washing and conditioning raw materials to the final finishing touches. With Oeko-Tex® certified fabrics, innovative construction options and close attention to every detail, each Northern Feather product is crafted to give your clients the ultimate sleep experience.

Some of our prestigious customers

Fairmont Hotel
Crosby Street Hotel
The Cape
Green Valley Ranch
The Venetian
Atlantis Hotel
Epicurean Hotel
Hotel Collection

Down & Feather collections

White Down
White Goose Down
Down & Feather

Down Alternative collections

Diamond Fibre
5 Star Fibre
Zen Fibre

Linen & Accessories

Bed Linen
Pillow Protectors
Mattress Protectors

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