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Pillow Care

So you've just received a fancy new Norther Feather pillow, congratulations! Before you start using your new purchase there are a few recommended steps that you might want to do first:

  1. How to fluff a pillow: hold on to 2 opposite sides and squish together and apart—like an accordion—until desired fluffiness.Fluff your freshly out of the package pillow. It's come a long way to get to you and sometimes they can get a little squished and flat while enroute. So fluff that bad boy up to your desired fluffiness level!

  2. We always advise using a pillow protector to help extend the life of your new pillow. Especially if said pillow is a Natural Fill. *make sure to wash the protector first before use.

  3. Always use a pillow cover, but you probably already knew that one.

  4. Fluff your pillow regularly. All pillows (discounting foam) require regular fluffing, after all it's had your head resting on it for a number of hours every night.
    We recommend Fibre Fills be fluffed (roughly) once per week. Feather/Natural Fills Daily.
    An alternative is on a nice day placing your pillow outside on a clean surface for a couple hours—exposure to the sun and airflow naturally rejuvenates your pillow. *do not put your NF pillow in the dryer, this can damage the quality of your Fill.

  5. Spot clean ONLY. We do not recommend washing your pillow as this can damage your pillow's Fill. 
With all that in mind we hope you enjoy your new pillow and have a fantastic sleep.