Our Process

Natural Fills

NF5 Cleaning & Conditioning


We have created and perfected a unique cleaning and conditioning system for natural fills, which we call NF5. This intelligent process enriches, revitalizes and protects down and feathers, providing you with longer-lasting, luxurious natural bedding and comfortable sleep. NF5 is just one of the tools Northern Feather Canada employs that shows great pride in making good products great!

The very first of its kind, Northern Feather Canada’s NF5 Cleaning and Conditioning system is a special process formulated to enhance the natural properties of down and feather. Through a combination of washing, rinsing, steaming, de-dusting and applying specially formulated soaps and conditioners, we sanitize down and feather to hypoallergenic standards and maximize their fill power and loft. 

We think the effort is well worth the result: a light, comfortable and long-lasting product every sleeper will enjoy.

N5 Produces...

  • More resilient and soft product
  • Maximized fill power
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Easier to care for

Northern Feather Canada’s cleanliness code exceeds Canadian government standards! 

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Quality control process

We closely examine and extensively test all the down and feather we use. Each step is controlled and recorded to ensure the highest quality every time!

Before we purchase down and feather we have our suppliers send us samples. Our certified lab technicians then put them through comprehensive tests for cleanliness, species and fill power. If a sample meets our standards, we test it to ensure the quality is consistent with our original down or feather tests.

For the first stage of testing we separate the down from any feathers, residue and chopped or damaged material. Fill power testing requires that we completely isolate a single down cluster or feather filament. After the down or feather is separated and tested, we clean, de-dust and sanitize it through our automated washing system, and we condition it with the NF5 process.

The cleaned and conditioned fill is sent back to the lab for one final set of tests. Only the down and feather that meets our stringent loft & cleanliness standards will be used in Northern Feather products!

How do we measure cleanliness?

There are two key criteria that enable our in-house IDFL certified testing lab to determine cleanliness: Oxygen and Turbidity


We test for oxygen to measure organic matter on the surface of down and feather. The lower the oxygen number, the cleaner the material!


We test for turbidity to measure dust and dirt on the surface of down and feather. Here, a higher number means cleaner material!

Hypoallergenic Standards

Ultra clean down and feather should have an oxygen number of 4 or less and a turbidity number of 500 or more. Northern Feather Canada’s down and feather has an oxygen number and turbidity that surpasses the North American Standard!

Fibre Fills

O5 Opening & Blending


Northern Feather Canada’s proprietary technology facilitates the opening and blending of raw fibre fill. This goal is achieved by a process we call O5. Our man-made fibres are opened and blended with O5 which simulates the loft and comfort of our natural fill products. Also, O5 enhances resilience, lifespan and adds hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. 

O5 Produces Product that is...

  • Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial
  • More resilient and soft
  • Easier to care for 
  • Maximized fill power
  • Anti-static
  • Certified through exclusive testing