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Temprabalance Duvet

Temprabalance Duvet

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The Temprabalance Duvet is temperature regulating and filled with natural cellulosic fibre derived from beechwood trees. The clinging fibres hold together consistently performing a warming effect when your body is cold and cooling effect when your body is warm for the perfect sleep condition. This natural fibre circulates air flow for the ideal sleeping temperature without losing its shape.

This temperature regulating duvet has breathable 300 thread count shell is quilted for extra comfort and is specialty woven to allow air to effortlessly circulate, meanwhile and wicking away moisture. Both the fabric shell and fibre fill help your body temperature adjusts as you sleep. It is beautifully finished with reinforced double stitching and piped edges. The construction features the baffle box design with Duvet Lock® to ensure warmth is maintained evenly and cold flat spots is eliminated. Pair it with Temprabalance Pillow to complete your bed for one of your best sleeps.


  • Maximizes the body’s natural temperature regulating properties for the ideal sleep setting
  • Promotes airflow for the ideal sleep temperature
  • Simulates the resilience and warmth properties of down
  • Reinforced edges for a fine finishing touch
  • Allows for maximum loft and even fill distribution


  • Temprabalance PCM fibre fill
  • 300 thread count
  • 100% Cotton shell, sateen
  • Temperature regulating
  • Double stitched and piped edges
  • 15” Baffle Box with 1” Baffle, DuvetLock


For the best results of maintaining this duvet, firstly use a duvet cover. Secondly, shake out product daily, and thirdly, air outside on a nice day avoiding direct sunlight.  *In extreme cases spot clean or take to a professional cleaner