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Our new and unique Karessa pillow is filled with specially blended fibre that gives a denser and full feeling pillow to provide a plush support and rapid bounce back for maximum comfort. The innovative fibres provide excellent neck and head support with high lofting and resilient properties that offer the bounce back to give you that sleeping on a cloud feeling. The exquisite 400 thread count 100% Cotton shell adds to the soft feel of the pillow for a deeper, more restful sleep. A gray 2" gusset allows the pillow to maximize its loft.

  • Properly aligns the upper back, shoulders and neck
  • Promotes air flow for the ideal sleeping temperature
  • Resilient and supportive
  • Soft luxurious feel against the head and neck
  • Reinforced edge for a fine finishing touch and durability
  • Diamond fibre fill
  • 400 Thread Count, 100% Cotton shell
  • 2" Gray gusset
  • Reinforced Edge
  • Made in Canada