LyoSilk Duvet

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Our LyoSilk Duvet combines pure mulberry silk fibres in a smooth and silky lyocell shell. The light and naturally anti-bacterial mulberry silk offers great thermo-regulating properties for a comfortable, relaxing, healthy rest. The 300 thread count lyocell diamond quilted shell provides a soft and soothing cool feel against the body. The borders around the diamond quilting add a touch of quality finishing.

Simply because silk dreams are made of this.


  • Provides the perfect amount of warmth and comfort
  • Ensures warmth is maintained evenly and cold spots are eliminated
  • Superior fill and construction provides a touch of quality finishing with a cooling effect 

Country of Origin

Designed, developed and manufactured with imported materials in Canada  Canadian flag


     amfori certification        Oeko-Tex Certification
            NF5           RDS Certification           IDFL Certification