Natural Cloud Lux

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Our new and unique Natural Cloud Lux pillow is an innovative design that offers resilient support for ideal alignment. Our 20% Down / 80% Small Waterfowl Feather is the perfect choice for those who need a little more support along with downy softness. The feather component gives the pillow firmness and support while the blended down gives the pillow great support and comfort. The breathable 240 Thread Count 100% Cotton quilted shell allows air to effortlessly circulate and acts as a feather-proof barrier.

  • Delivers firm cushioning
  • Keeps your head supported, ensuring that your body is aligned for utmost comfort with a balance of softness and structure
  • Maximum loft from a superior fill and construction

  • 20% Down / 80% Small Waterfowl Feather fill
  • 240 Thread Count, 100% Cotton shell
  • Quilted, feather-proof shell
  • Made in Canada